Tsunami of Love by Eddie Woods

Tsunami of Love by Eddie Woods

Eddie Woods lived in Amsterdam for two decades before moving to Devon, England to be with the girl of his dreams. Six years later, the dream shattered, he returned to Holland, where he eventually came to realize that the breakup of his relationship had thrown him into a deep emotional crisis. There was no way out of the tunnel but on the wings of song. This poems cycle tells the story of the rise and fall of an incredible love affair.

“Tsunami of Love must be among the best literary works to have come out of a relationship.” Chrissy Richman (CEO/mother of two).

“I received your Tsunami of Love and read it for several days and nights. It hypnotized me. I think it is a work of genius. I’m very sincere about this. You’ve certainly got the gift of gab in the best sense of the term. It’s a rare gift.” Harold Norse, poet (San Francisco).

“The language is simple yet strong, and the poems uncluttered. While ‘Only Between Thighs’ is a manifesto of the creative power of the erotic.” Peter Mortimer, writer/publisher (Tyne & Wear, England).

  • Price (£4.00 / $6.00) varies according to location & rate of the dollar.

Eddie Woods has a large archive of poems and other work on his regularly updated website and literary news-blog.

Barncott Press ebooks are readable on almost all devices (ipad, iphone, Android, Kindle + desk top computers, Mac, PC, Linux) by using the free Kindle App.

Tsunami of Love is also available as a CD, with Eddie Woods reciting the entire poems cycle collection. You can download the album here. A large collection of poetry and prose by Eddie Woods can be read on his website. The Stanford University Eddie Woods Archive may also be of interest.

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