Hunger of Our Huddled Huts by Yuyutsu Sharma

Hunger of Our Huddled Huts by Katmandu based Yuyutsu Sharma is a collection of poems set in a Nepalese village on a forgotten trade route in the Mahabharata mountain range, and in a small Rajasthani village.

“Yuyutsu R.D. brings to the Indian readers a distinct flavor of the Nepalese landscape and culture, in a sequence of poems that pulsate with needle-sharp images. Equally sensitive is his language that, scrupulously avoids stilted diction-words or phrases. His writing is so densely imagistic that he holds reader’s attention all the way through. Behind plethora of packed images is a genuine concern for the human predicament the trials and tribulations of the destitute everywhere. Hunger is the theme that runs as an undercurrent – hunger that gnaws into the vitals of both humans and animals.”  Shiv K. KumarThe Hindustan Times.

“Yuyutsu’s poetry is the poetry of agony and anger. It does not soothe; it shocks. It does not lull; it awakens the reader to a reality he is least bothered about. Also, it has a distinct native flavor: maize fields, bare cots, hearths, querns, mud-plastered wall, and a grain of monsoon. It is different from the poetry of those who roll in the labyrinth of inner life or rejoice in the cities where skyscrapers bloom.  His poetry is evidently akin to the regional literatures he is familiar with, Punjabi, Hindi and Nepali.”  – The Indian Literature.

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