However you got here … welcome, you have found schmoo on the run (not my real name of course), based in a safe house somewhere in central London, or New York, or …

This website is my ‘box to put things in’ so I know where to find them (if I can remember they exist). You are welcome to rummage around if you want, everything has been cleared by security.

Inside is an on-and-off-going (mostly off) collection (see menu), of stuff probably not worth your time looking at. Is just photographs I take on my mobile, unaccomplished art works, terrible ‘poetry’ and other writings including boring political rant stuff, plus some ‘experimental’ (i.e not that good or utter crap) music and videos.

Basically, if I can be bothered, I dump anything I feel like saving in a post on this site, as the ever looming future becomes the present, and then the past.

I may be wrong but I believe one of the most important things to know in life is when we are wrong. I therefore reserve the right to change my mind about anything at any time.

Please forgive me. I am just a humble human and therefore do not know the secret to the universe or what is on TV until I look.

All content © 2017 schmoo on the run, schmook, aram yorath.

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