New Package to Restart Britain


Until the election of Jeremy Corbyn as the new Labour leader, none of the breakfast cereal packages on offer from any of the main political supermarket chains came even close to cutting the muster. They all had too many synthetic ingredients, fake sweeteners, toxic PFI debts. Not enough fresh, real political food, preferably organic. They claim to cut costs for the tax payer, but sometimes it is cheaper to pay a bit more for a better product.

‘Real Labour’ under Jeremy Corbyn (who as a vegetarian is obviously aware of the importance of ingredients), seems to be serious about throwing out the artificial additives and toxins in the political ‘junk food’ we have had to put up with for so long. They are even asking for ideas from their supporters!

The Corbyn Effect includes throwing out the rubbish
The Corbyn Effect includes throwing out the rubbish

The following ideas come from non-aligned think tank ‘The Committee On Preparing For The End Of Now Forever’:

1. Economic: Create a ‘Peoples Bank’ to offer essential financial services for individuals and business. Lend to people and companies according to their tax records.

2. Housing: Avoid destroying the green belt, and the few remaining school playing fields. Instead create ‘real estate in the sky’. For example we could build housing on top of major roads in towns and cities, turning the roads into pollution controlled tunnels while creating valuable real estate in our towns and cities. Also, when the floods come at least these homes will be safe. ‘Housing bridges’ could also be built over major rivers such as the Thames, and on a small scale over canals and rivers.

3. National Security, Health & Transport: With 10,000 people dying every year in London from car pollution alone we face an emergency far more serious than terrorism.  This is an invisible ‘Blitz’ on London whose population is suffering the effects of a slow acting but deadly toxic threat, similar to a chemical weapon. During the Blitz we evacuated our children. Therefore as a matter of national security (the heath and safety of the population) it is essential to produce and urgently put into action a five-year plan to ban the internal combustion engine from all towns and cities in Britain. The plan would include free public transport, a national program to build the infrastructure required for the mass use of hydrogen fuel and hydrogen powered driverless cars.

4. Welfare Reform: At the moment the government spends about £12000 to pay less than £4000 as the  ‘Job Seekers Allowance’. Save billions and abolish ‘unemployment’ overnight by paying everyone over 16 a basic Citizens Wage plus free tuition fees at technical colleges and universities. Anyone working will simply have their Citizens Wage deducted as tax. Guarantee full or part-time employment to anyone prepared to work for double the basic Citizens’ Wage in caring for the elderly, environmental projects, overseas aid etc.

5. Reform Unfair Britain: For example; someone who earns £100 pounds an hour pays the same price for everything as someone who only earns £10 pounds an hour. This means that everything is more expensive for poorer people. A ‘price banding’ system is now technically possible which would allow the profit part of a product price to be automatically varied according to how much the customer earns per hour. If you are in the lowest earnings per hour band you will pay the least. This would make all pricing fair for the first time.

6. Food supply: Start a Peoples Supermarket with decent wages and really cheap prices thanks to not having any shareholders to pay off, backed up by the development of a massive nationwide allotment vegetable growing program to produce really nutritional food.

7. Arts: Bring back Merry Britain. Establish (or increase funding to existing projects) multi media entertainment and arts ‘cultural hubs’ in every town and city in Britain with live music, comedians, DJs, magicians, films, theatre, all broadcast to the local area via local BBC channel. The ‘hubs’ to include studio, class room and work shop space. Boosting the Arts Industry will create thousands of jobs, especially for talented young people all over Britain, as well as boost our earnings overseas.

8. Space: Start investing in Britain’s first Space Lift so we can open the space frontier, consider a holiday (or a job) on the Moon and later Mars, plus, in a planet-wide clean-up operation, send toxic waste (i.e. nuclear) to the sun for permanent incineration.

9. Energy: Install soft ‘sleeping police men’ road bumps that generate electric power every time a car goes over them, on every street in Britain. Convert all non LED lightbulbs to LED within 5 years. Massive investment in domestic solar solutions.

10. Thunderbirds Are Go: While preparing for every disaster contingency at home, sponsor and support an international rapid response force to deal with natural and man-made disasters worldwide. One day it could be used to help us.

11. Cuts: In times of austerity difficult decisions have to be taken. Therefore it is necessary to cut the current VAT and tax free status for cannabis which costs £2.5 billion a year.  We must also cut by 100%  the £1 billion a year we currently spend on a policy of prohibition which is an utter failure, and puts our young people in harms way. Instead we should do the right thing for the health and safety of everyone, especially young people, by regulating the sale and consumption of cannabis in a responsible manner. ‘Work Start’ grants for licensed cannabis growing and distribution operations would create thousands of jobs all over Britain. Legalizing medical cannabis would save the NHS millions.

12. Sexual health: Legalise and properly regulate prostitution. As with cannabis, the prohibition of prostitution is dangerous for all involved, including close friends and families. Allow the right to chose; either to be a safe sex worker, or to be their safe customer, in a safe environment.

13. Foreign policy: Use cruise missiles to deliver emergency aid. ‘Love Bomb’ Syria, Iraq, Somalia, etc with ‘smart’ phones, clothing, food, medicine, cannabis and cash (cheaper than ‘smart’ bombs, missiles and rockets). To end intense fighting; spray the combatants with military grade MDMA (Ecstasy).

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