However you got here … welcome to schmoo.co.uk, sometimes schmook, always schmoontherun (in a safe house somewhere in central London).

This website is my ‘box to put things in’ so I know where to find them. You are welcome to rummage around if you want.

Inside is an on-and-off-going collection (see menu) of photographs, art works, ‘poetry’ and other writings including political stuff, plus some ‘experimental’ music and videos.

There are also posts covering various book publishing and website projects, as well as anything I feel like posting as the ever looming future becomes the present, and then the past.

I believe one of the most important things to know in life is when we are wrong.  I therefore reserve the right to change my mind about anything at any time.

Please forgive me, I am just a humble human and therefore do not know the secret to the universe, but I am looking for clues.


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