However you got here … welcome, you have found schmoo on the run (not my real name of course), based in a safe house somewhere in central London, or New York, or …

This website is my ‘box to put things in’ so I know where to find them. You are welcome to rummage around if you want, everything has been cleared by security.

Inside is an on-and-off-going collection (see menu) of photographs, art works, ‘poetry’ and other writings including political stuff, plus some ‘experimental’ (not that good) music and videos. Basically anything I feel like saving in a post, as the ever looming future becomes the present, and then the past.

I may be wrong but I believe one of the most important things to know in life is when we are wrong. I therefore reserve the right to change my mind about anything at any time.

Please forgive me. I am just a humble human and therefore do not know the secret to the universe, but I am looking for clues, not just on Google.

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